Stop piling on the hats, people!

As a business owner or organizational leader, you understand all too well the following scenarios:

To Hire or Not To Hire
You have too much work for the current staff to handle, but not enough to accommodate hiring an additional full time person.

I Can Do That, Too
You’re already wearing a precarious pile of hats, but you think with the simple flick of a wrist you can add just… one… more.

It’ll Take Too Long To Explain
Just like you trust a doctor to know what to do when you have a pain in your side, the same holds for a design professional. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll take it from there. We are in the business of taking rough sketches (visually AND verbally) and making them into masterpieces in no time flat.

Whatever your reason for hesitating…STOP.
If you need on-demand design work where you’re only paying for the time you use, call me.
If you realize that adding one more hat will crush you, call me.
If you think it’ll take too long to explain your needs, I’m sure I can change your mind. Call me. I can help.

Christina Brownlee

Already hired a designer for a reason I haven’t mentioned? Leave it in the comments below!

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